More detail needed in logs for pop

Ken Murchison ken at
Wed Dec 3 11:43:04 EST 2003

Brian K. Becknell wrote:

> Good Morning...
>   before the upgrade to cyrus, I had very detailed log information about a
> pop session. I had login/logout, message id's that were pop'ed, message
> id's that were deleted... basically everything about the connection for
> a user was available.
>   I cannot figure out if that level of detail is available with cyrus.
> here is my syslog.conf
> local6.emerg;local6.alert;local6.crit;local6.err;local6.warning;local6.notice;;local6.debug
>  /var/adm/mail/imap
>  this only gives me
>     local6.debug: about to exec /usr/cyrus/bin/pop3d
>     local6.notice: login:   blah
>     local6.debug: accepted connection
>   There are times i need this level of detail to debug user problems.
>   Any ideas??

The syslog output will tell you when a user authenticates.

If you want to debug something at the protocol level for a particular 
user, you can have Cyrus create telemetry logs of each session for that 
user.  Simply create a directory with the user's authenication id under 
<configdir>/log (e.g. /var/imap/log/beck).  Make sure that the cyrus 
user has write access to the directory.  Then for each of beck's 
sessions, you'll see a separate file in that directory (named by pid of 
the process).  These logs can grow quickly (especially for IMAP), so 
make sure you delete the per-user directory when you're done debugging.

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