Large cyrus install surver

Mycrom mycrom at
Wed Dec 3 11:31:20 EST 2003


I would be very interested in your performance tuning you have performed to
scale the solution in regards to Cyrus. If you have a short list of quick
hits I am sure the list would enjoy a refresher.


> We've been using Cyrus since 1.5.14 (late 1998). This is our second
> generation of hardware but we deployed a cluster from the start. I've
> posted several notes to the list over the years regarding our
> performance tuning etc. (performance tuning was required to get the
> level of stability we require) Someday I need to get all the information
> up on a webpage. Cyrus has worked wonderfully in our environment.
> Stability has been great (for example the first system of our 2nd
> generation install has been up since it was installed - 340 days)

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