Phil Chambers P.A.Chambers at
Thu Dec 11 10:23:33 EST 2003

I have a problem with Mulberry (version 3.1.0) logging in to IMSP version 1.6a3.

It is set to use plain text and there is no problem logging in using the "login" 
copmmand with the username and password.  However Mulberry is not doing that.  When 
it connects and does a CAPABILITY command, getting "AUTH=PLAN LITERAL+" in response 
Mulberry then issues a "AUTHENTICATE PLAIN" command.

As I understand it from the IMSP server 
should then respond with a "+" followed by a base64 string.  Instead it just puts 
out the "+" without the base64 string.

Any suggestions? 

Phil Chambers (postmaster at
University of Exeter

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