ldap ptloader

Adam Tauno Williams adam at morrison-ind.com
Tue Dec 30 05:15:47 EST 2003

> > >> I notice the imapd.conf man page mentions the 'memberOf' attribute.
> > >> Unless I'm mistaken, that's a bit of a controversial thing, huh?
> > ib> Why is that?
> > Oh, when googling around and digging through various forums I was
> > getting the impression that the 'memberOf' approach wasn't too well
> > supported by the OpenLDAP community, or at least at one point.
> Nah.  This is just a multi-valued attrib that holds group names.  OpenLDAP
> has group functionality for acl and the two are not necessarily related.

Right, just use groupOfUniqueNames/member.  This really seems to be the
cannonical way to do things.  OpenLDAP supports this for writing ACLs, etc...
and 2.2.x will offer some interesting things for dynamic groups.

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