global admin without defaultdomain?

Christian Schulte cs at
Tue Dec 30 06:46:01 EST 2003

Kendrick Vargas schrieb:
> Well, I gave you all the details about my setup. Please tell me what it'll 
> take to convince you that my setup isn't screwed (at least from my end).
> 			-peace

man getnameinfo:


It all mainly depends on getnameinfo() returning a fully qualified
hostname so that a domain-part exists for further processing. Somewhere
after getnameinfo() the hostpart will get stripped and that only works
if getnameinfo() returns a fully qualified hostname and not just a
unqualified name like "localhost".

So if getnameinfo returns

for your locally bound imapd and

for your public accessible imapd everything should be fine if you have


Btw. did you try commenting out the servername option in your imapd.conf
? Would that change the mysql-queries to other lookups ? I just saw that
you are using auxprop mysql and I remember now that auxprop mysql sets
the domain to the servername for unqualified users for the lookup if you
have %r somewhere in sasl_mysql_statement (that is /etc/hostname or the
servername option in imapd.conf for me) ! So how does your
sasl_mysql_statement config look like exactly ? Does it contain %r ?
Does the value substituted for %r for _unqualified_ users match your
defaultdomain :-) ? What happens if you set servername:
(which looks incorrect but could make things work here...definetly
breaks with murder however...) in imapd.conf ? At the point you are
using %r there are not any unqualified users anywhere and %r gets the
servername automatically for unqualified users! Will the
default-servername used by cyrus be fully qualified or not
(/etc/hostname I think) ? Do you have nsswitch.conf setup to use
/etc/hosts ? At least there seems to not be a ptr record for the IP of in DNS but that may be ignored if getnameinfo() honours
your local configuration.
I bet you also ran into the auxprop mysql %r thing here just like me. I
remember there was something confusing with %r and global
admin/defaultdomain. At least it was my problem that days and took me
hours to figure out :-)


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