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Tue Dec 30 09:42:49 EST 2003

On Mon, 29 Dec 2003, Ken Murchison wrote:

> It a way for a user to tell the client that you find the subscribed
> mailboxes as "interesting", which normally means that the client
> restricts the list of displayed mailboxes to the subscribed mailboxes.
> It would normally be used when the server has a lot of shared folders,
> most of which you don't care about.
> It it analogous to subscribing to usenet newgroups.

Generally though, its a lot less useful than newsgroup subscriptions --
especially if you move between clients.

Clients tend to implement how they interpret the subscription list very
differently.  Some ignore it entirely, some restrict what you can see to
only subscribed mailboxes, and some will give you the subscription list
*and* will give you the ability to have a client-local list of mailboxes.


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