global admin without defaultdomain?

Christian Schulte cs at
Mon Dec 29 14:20:48 EST 2003

Kendrick Vargas schrieb:

> As for only being able to log in via localhost to your global admin account, 
> it's a bug whether you like it or not :-) Relying on a bug to maintain 
> your security is really bad security. The only time I feel secure in my 
> setups is when I know everything is working as it should, otherwise theres 
> always that bit of doubt about things always working right.

I would say I rely on a well-known "mis-configuration" of my system
rather than a bug. When I noticed it I liked its influence on cyrus and
did not change it. Everything is working as it should when everything
else is setup correctly. Nothing wrong with cyrus. Just use
fully-qualified _hostnames_ where they have to be fully-qualified ;-)


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