[POLL] Cyrus 2.2 virtdomains behavior (Was: global admin without defaultdomain?)

Igor Brezac igor at ipass.net
Mon Dec 29 17:32:16 EST 2003

On Mon, 29 Dec 2003, Ken Murchison wrote:

> Ken Murchison wrote:
> > Kendrick Vargas wrote:
> >
> >> Hi folks,
> >>
> >> I asked earlier how I could get users within the primary (default)
> >> domain hashed into the domain/ subdirectories of the imap spool
> >> instead of being right at the toplevel without any real domain
> >> association. I was told that the defaultdomain option was meant to
> >> ease the passage from version 2.1 to 2.2, so if I simply didn't set
> >> it, I'd get the hashing all nice and pretty.
> >>
> >> Now I have a slightly different issue. I've finally gone back and set
> >> things up in this manner. No defaultdomain setting. Users are hashed
> >> in the domains as they should be, however I'd like to have a global
> >> admin. The documents say I need the defaultdomain to have a global
> >> admin. Why? Is there anyway to get around this?
> >>
> >> I'd like to have a global admin without having the defaultdomain set.
> >> I don't really understand why that would be a requirement. Maybe this
> >> behavior should be some sort of configurable flag. If someone could
> >> point me in the direction to the source I could hack past to disable
> >> this behavior, I'd greatly appreciate it.
> >
> >
> > This has to do with the fact that the virtdomains code handles domains
> > by login id and ip address simultaneously.  If you don't have a fully
> > qualified user id, the code will do a reverse lookup on the ip address
> > of the local NIC and add that domain.  The only way to prevent the
> > appending of the domain is by setting a default domain.
> >
> > I could probably fix this by changing the code to only do virtdomains by
> >  one mechanism at a time, NOT both.  Since the 2.2 code recently added
> > the ability to have enumerated config options, I could change the
> > virtdomains option to be a tri-state variable, something like [ off,
> > byuserid, byipaddress ].  As long as nobody is depending on the current
> > behavior, I have no problem changing this.  Of course, if people do need
> > the current bevavior, I could add a fourth state to handle this.
> >
> > I'd like to get some feedback from those of you that have been using the
> > virtdomains code before I go and make any changes.
> I just committed some code to CVS which changes the virtdomains option
> from a SWITCH to an ENUM having 3 options:
> off/no/0/false/f	(disabled)
> userid			(fully qualified userids only)
> on/yes/1/true/t		(current behavior)
> What this means (hopefully) is that existing installations of 2.2 code
> (whether virtdomains is enabled or not) should be unaffected.  Those
> that don't want the reverse IP address lookup can use the "userid" option.

I have not checked the code, but how does this affect global admins?


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