Virtual Domains and authentication

Michael Fair michael at
Tue Aug 12 04:47:34 EDT 2003

I've never used pam for virtual domains but the general idea
is that the user provides the fully qualified user at domain.dom
as their userid.  SASL splits that up into a "realm" and a
user so in terms of SASL, creating the user looks something
like this:
saslpasswd -c -U domain.dom userid

I really can't say how this will map to PAM since PAM really
doesn't support the concept of realms (as I understand it).

-- Michael --

"James Satterfield" <james at> wrote in message
news:1059956276.eba8c41ce07f8 at
> I'm having a lot of difficulty wrapping my mind around authentication for
> virtual domain configuration. I would like to use PAM for auth, but I
don't see
> how to get around the '@' in the usernames. I see nothing in the docs that
> address how to setup auth for virtual domain support.
> Do any of you have any tips, howtos, advice, config examples?
> Thanks,
> James.

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