Virtual Domains and authentication

Andrew Koros akoros at
Tue Aug 12 06:05:59 EDT 2003

On Tue, 2003-08-12 at 11:47, Michael Fair wrote:
> I've never used pam for virtual domains but the general idea
> is that the user provides the fully qualified user at domain.dom
> as their userid.  SASL splits that up into a "realm" and a
> user so in terms of SASL, creating the user looks something
> like this:
> saslpasswd -c -U domain.dom userid
> I really can't say how this will map to PAM since PAM really
> doesn't support the concept of realms (as I understand it).
> -- Michael --

With pam you can have IMAP accounts of the type: username.domain.tld so
that mail sent to username at domain.tld is delivered to a cyrus account:

This needs the the option "unixhierarchysep: yes" is set in the

There are howto's showing how to achieve this:

In the new cyrus-2.2.x (now in beta) username at domain.tld will be
allowed. Otherwise for now you can use the Perdition IMAP/POP proxy
server( or get a patch (I think),
for the current stable 2.1.x series.

> "James Satterfield" <james at> wrote in message
> news:1059956276.eba8c41ce07f8 at
> > I'm having a lot of difficulty wrapping my mind around authentication for
> a
> > virtual domain configuration. I would like to use PAM for auth, but I
> don't see
> > how to get around the '@' in the usernames. I see nothing in the docs that
> > address how to setup auth for virtual domain support.
> > Do any of you have any tips, howtos, advice, config examples?
> >
> > Thanks,
> > James.
> >
> >
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