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Simon Matter simon.matter at
Tue Aug 12 04:06:35 EDT 2003

> Christian Schulte wrote:
>> Am Montag, 11. August 2003 23:50 schrieb Norman Zhang:
>>> I'm a little confused on the process of creating users. First I "su
>>> cyrus" then I typed the following commands,
>>>> cyradm localhost
>>>> cm user.joebob
>>>> quit
>>>> exit (back as root)
>>>> saslpasswd joebob
>>> Now does joebob require an account on my Linux box?
>> That depends on how you configured SASL! If you use PAM with SASL yes
>> otherwise you should not need to.
> [root at mail etc]# more /etc/sysconfig/saslauthd
> Does that mean I need local users?
>>> Also if the email address for joebob is joe.bob at, do I
>>> use postfix alias mapping to pass mail to joebob?
>> Just another solution which should work.
>>> To allow users' to change password on their own do I need
>>> web-cyradm?
>> Also depends on how you configured SASL. Its mainly a question of
>> where you store your user accounts. If e.g. using auxprop mysql you
>> could easily use a squirrelmail plugin which knows how to update your
>> database. But that really depends on your setup!
> If I setup MySQL and squirrelmail, could the user be able to change his
> password on the fly (i.e., both passwd and saslpasswd)?

What do you mean by 'both passwd and saslpasswd'? If you configure
cyrus-imapd to use PAM->MySQL, all passwords you need are stored in MySQL.
You don't even need saslpasswd. If you want other services on your box to
authenticate against MySQL, just configure them via PAM. There is no need
to store any normal user accounts in /etc/passwd.


> Regards,
> Norman

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