creating users

Olivier Kaloudoff kalou at
Tue Aug 12 09:13:52 EDT 2003

>>> I'm a little confused on the process of creating users. First I "su
>>> cyrus" then I typed the following commands,
>>>> cyradm localhost
>>>> cm user.joebob
>>>> quit
>>>> exit (back as root)
>>>> saslpasswd joebob
>>> Now does joebob require an account on my Linux box?

Hi all,

	I have another related question out there;
- may cyrus users be stored in the MySQL database directly,
instead of the flat db3/4 files (mailboxes.db) ?

- if not, would you know of a simple php class that can
be used to create / delete mailboxes.db entries, handling
potential simultaneous access to the flat files, and not
requiring db support inside php ?

I'm setting up cyrus along with postfix, and mail accounts
are already defined in the MySQL database, so I would want
to have a single DB, not one postfix users database, and
a flat file separately for Cyrus.

Best Regards,

Olivier Kaloudoff

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