Confused about auxprop/sasldb

Michael J Barber mbarber at
Wed Aug 13 10:19:09 EDT 2003

I just want good documentation in a more accessible format.  
Everyone says "It comes with the sources in directory ...."

Why can't the documentation be put up on the ldp in multiple formats?  Not
everyone wants or needs the sources just to be able to read and learn about the

To be honest I hate to say anything as I am very grateful to the people who put
in all the time and effort for such a great product.  But, that does not mean it
is easy for the rest of us to understand or use.  There are a number of
how-to's.  They are great... but they do not address the real issue of
understanding how the system is designed and structured.  If I ever get a handle
on this system I will be happy to write verbose documentation.  Until then I
will continue to muddle through individual man pages and scattered documentation
on very specific features.

Again, thanks to all who put in their time and effort.  You are appreciated.
Michael J Barber
SUNY Plattsburgh
CMS Computer Labs Technician
116D Feinberg Library
Plattsburgh, NY 12901

Quoting Ken Murchison <ken at>:

^^ Matthew Mallard wrote:
^^ > Hi,
^^ > 
^^ > I'm trying to get cyrus-sasl-2.1.15 and cyrus-imapd-2.1.14 working using
^^ > the sasldb for authentication.  I have managed to get authentication 
^^ > working with saslauthd and pam, but I don't want to set the mail users 
^^ > up with logins.
^^ You do NOT have to have user accounts in order to use PAM.  Where are 
^^ people getting this idea from?  Is there something in the docs which 
^^ leads people to this conclusion?
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