Confused about auxprop/sasldb

Rob Siemborski rjs3 at
Wed Aug 13 10:14:51 EDT 2003

On Wed, 13 Aug 2003, Michael J Barber wrote:

> I just want good documentation in a more accessible format.
> Everyone says "It comes with the sources in directory ...."

doc/*.html, plus
which should have been in 2.1.15 but isn't.

> Why can't the documentation be put up on the ldp in multiple formats?

Why?  Its not linux-specific documentation.

> Not everyone wants or needs the sources just to be able to read and
> learn about the software.

I agree.

> To be honest I hate to say anything as I am very grateful to the people who put
> in all the time and effort for such a great product.  But, that does not mean it
> is easy for the rest of us to understand or use.  There are a number of
> how-to's.  They are great... but they do not address the real issue of
> understanding how the system is designed and structured.

I hope that the above components.html should fix that to some extent.
(Though, the user's question here about PAM and user accounts isn't really
one of the design of SASL, it's really a PAM question).

> If I ever get a handle on this system I will be happy to write verbose
> documentation.  Until then I will continue to muddle through individual
> man pages and scattered documentation on very specific features.

We always are looking for documentation patches.


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