Creating cyrus users and mail domains with Horde/IMP

Norris Ward nappy_d at
Wed Aug 13 23:17:47 EDT 2003

Hi all,
            I have successfully installed Cyrus for RedHat 7.3 via the rpms.
I am able to connect and create a user using the cm <username> function.
How do I add the realm name for use with horde or, is this not necessary.
Below is my servers.php conf section for horde/imp:

$servers['cyrus'] = array(
    'name' => 'Cyrus IMAP Server',
    'server' => 'localhost,
    'protocol' => 'imap/notls',
    'port' => 143,
    'folders' => 'WHAT DO I PUT HERE?',
    'namespace' => 'INBOX.',
    'maildomain' => ‘MY DOMAIN NAME?’,
    'realm' => ‘WHAT IS MY REALM?',
    'preferred' => 'true'

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