Confused about auxprop/sasldb

Craig Ringer craig at
Wed Aug 13 22:29:30 EDT 2003

>>Not everyone wants or needs the sources just to be able to read and
>>learn about the software.
> I agree.

Unfortunately, people who have the time, skills and desire to write 
"easy" end user documentation tend to be in much shorter supply than the 
  folks who write the code. So while it's easy to talk about, it's not 
easy to say "OK, so let's do some introductory documentation."

I must admit that I had a bit of trouble wrapping my head around 
authentication in cyrus, going as it did from imapd -> sasl -> saslauthd 
-> pam -> libpam_ldap . In particular, the fact that the PAM service 
name used by 'saslauthd -a pam' is not 'saslauthd' but the name of the 
service /using/ saslauthd took me longer to figure out than would be ideal.

It took me ages to get Cyrus configured the first time I set it up, but 
no time at all the second time. It seems pretty simple now (I'm /not/ 
using murder!), but it was hard to get the authentication up and running 
the first time. As much as anything, this was because it was hard to 
trace what was going on via logs etc and figure out why, for example, it 
insisted on using sasl db files not saslauthd even when the appropriate 
imapd.conf option was set.

Then again, I can't claim to have completely R'd TFM, and even if I had 
I wouldn't be complaining, just suggesting something to elaborate on.

Craig Ringer

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