sender address of reject messages

Daniel Nilsson dnilsson at
Mon Aug 18 15:59:42 EDT 2003

Hi All,

I have a "best practice" question regarding sieve reject messages. Some 
of my users are using the sieve reject feature to reject spam, this 
works well for them but since the sender address of most spam mail is 
invalid, the resulting reject messages from our mail server bounces at 
the spammers domain. Since the sender address of the reject messages 
issued from our mailserver is postmaster@, I (the postmaster) end up 
with a lot of bounced messages...

I noticed that I can set the sender address of the reject messages in 
imapd.conf using the postmaster: parameter. Is the correct solution to 
this problem to set the postmaster: to rejected or something like that 
doesn't corresspond to a real user or alias on our domain ? Any other 
solutions to the problem above ?

Daniel Nilsson
Signal Integrity Software Inc.

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