Creating mailboxes off-line

Eli Ben-Shoshan linkages at
Wed Aug 27 17:51:08 EDT 2003

I would not recommed this but you can take the following steps:

1) create a text file that looks similar to the output of "ctl_mboxlist -d" 
with the appropriate user that you want to add. The second column is the 
partition where you want the user to go

2) use ctl_mboxlist -u < <path to text file created above>
    this will add the user to mailboxes.db

3) create the directory in the filesystem and make sure the permission is 

4) do a reconstruct -rf user.<username>

This should add the user to cyrus and make it available immediatly.

tsg wrote:
> Hi!
> Does enybody know how to create user's mailboxes off-line (without working 
> server)?
> Sergios

Eli Ben-Shoshan

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