SuSE - Horde - IMP

Devin Reade gdr at
Wed Aug 27 17:48:48 EDT 2003

Anders Norrbring wrote:

> Does anyone have any experince on integrating SuSE with Horde and IMP
> Webmail?  I want use it to verify users either to the users database which
> is LDAP, or via the IMAP interface (Cyrus).  I can't really get it to run, I
> get the Horde test pages alright, but the user verification doesn't work.

I run a similar configuration on RedHat systems with Horde/IMP in
front of Cyrus IMAP.  The user database is in LDAP, passwords stored
as MD5 hashes.  IMP authenticates via the IMAP protocol, which causes
Cyrus to use saslauthd, which uses PAM to authenticate to LDAP over
SSL (with self-signed certs), using plaintext.  Presumably one could
config Cyrus to authenticate to LDAP directly, but I've not spent the
time to get that working.

Can you authenticate to Cyrus using a regular IMAP client, or does
that fail, too?

         Devin Reade         <gdr at>

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