SuSE - Horde - IMP

Anders Norrbring anders at
Wed Aug 27 18:12:16 EDT 2003

> Anders Norrbring wrote:
> > Does anyone have any experince on integrating SuSE with Horde and IMP
> > Webmail?  I want use it to verify users either to the users database
> which
> > is LDAP, or via the IMAP interface (Cyrus).  I can't really get it to
> run, I
> > get the Horde test pages alright, but the user verification doesn't
> work.
> I run a similar configuration on RedHat systems with Horde/IMP in
> front of Cyrus IMAP.  The user database is in LDAP, passwords stored
> as MD5 hashes.  IMP authenticates via the IMAP protocol, which causes
> Cyrus to use saslauthd, which uses PAM to authenticate to LDAP over
> SSL (with self-signed certs), using plaintext.  Presumably one could
> config Cyrus to authenticate to LDAP directly, but I've not spent the
> time to get that working.
> Can you authenticate to Cyrus using a regular IMAP client, or does
> that fail, too?

The ordinary mail polling via both IMAP and POP3 works perfectly well, and
now IMP/Horde does too... :)  I had made a mistake in the Horde config
before, but I got an e-mail who put me on the right track.

Thanks anyway!
Anders Norrbring

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