Question about Quota Display

Kai k1680792 at
Mon Aug 25 03:33:16 EDT 2003

Hi List,
 I want to display the quota of each mailbox when user login to webmail.
 I try to write a Perl script using Cyrus::IMAP::Admin module.It like

#!/usr/bin/perl -w
use Cyrus::IMAP::Admin;
my $client=Cyrus::IMAP::Admin->new('');
my $rc=$client->listquotaroot('user.tester at');
print "$rc\n";
 I just got a result "2". But the result of running the command cyradm is
-----> lq user.tester at
 STORAGE 892/1024 (87.109375%)
 Where is the problem ?  Please give me a hint.
 And ,I found the method that get the quota by inviting Cyrus::IMAP::Admin
module is very slowly.Someone have a nice solution ?


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