virtual domains and group acls

Yuri Pimenov icct at
Mon Aug 25 08:01:23 EDT 2003


Id like to know if it is possible to use group acls with virtual
domains? I was unable to figure out how to use them at the same time.
Groups were exported by nss_ldap module and enabled in imapd.conf,
but no 'group:sample_group' neither 'group:sample_group at fqdn' were
working. Using strace reveals no getgrent() calls at all.

Another question. I know there is a ptsloader module in upcoming cyrus
imap release for dealing with groups. Where can i get any information
about setting it up? Does it capable of authenticating users or i have to
stick with saslauthd? Using different modules to do auth and group
membership checking against same ldap tree seem very redundant to me.
Acls on ldap will be nice too ;) Hmm, no ;))

Thanks in advance.
Yuri Pimenov

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