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Kendrick Vargas ken at
Thu Apr 10 16:55:42 EDT 2003

On Thu, 10 Apr 2003, Wayne Dawson wrote:

> Hello everyone
>    thanks a lot for everybody's input!
>    I just want to make sure I understand something.
>    The MTA that I use (which will probably be Postfix) will largely 
> determine what AV software I can use, right?
>    Now here's the part I want to confirm/clarify:  I am concerned with 
> *incoming* email when I talk about scanning for viruses.  Granted, I don't 
> want to send any viruses out either, but it isn't my greatest concern - we 
> are protecting against viruses on our internal machines anyway, which 
> should largely prevent us from sending them out.
>    So apparently, here's how it works:
> Incoming
> - incoming mail is received by Postfix
> - Postfix, or something, initiates the virus scanner
> - Postfix drops the mail somewhere
> - Cyrus picks up the mail and stores it
> - users log into Cyrus to read their mail

You could use advanced postfix filtering to forward the message to one of 
the advanced SMTP like virus scanning gateways, and have that forward back 
into a specialized port on postfix for delivery into cyrus' lmtp.

> Outgoing:
> - user's mail client talks directly to Postfix to send mail
> - Postfix probably doesn't scan for viruses at this point...?
> - Postfix sends mail to receiving mail server
> Thanks,
> Wayne

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