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> Subject: clarification - email virus protection
> Incoming
> - incoming mail is received by Postfix
> - Postfix, or something, initiates the virus scanner
> - Postfix drops the mail somewhere
> - Cyrus picks up the mail and stores it
> - users log into Cyrus to read their mail
> Outgoing:
> - user's mail client talks directly to Postfix to send mail
> - Postfix probably doesn't scan for viruses at this point...?
> - Postfix sends mail to receiving mail server

I'd recommend integration of postfix with amavis
(, which can be configured to work with lots of
different virus scanning packages. Considering anti-virus programs, I'd
recommend sophie/libsav by Sophos for good performance.
Amavis is integrated with postfix so all mails that go through it will
be scanned (including incoming, as well as outgoing if you put your
server as outgoing e-mail server).


Bojan Zdrnja

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