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Hennie Rautenbach hennie at
Fri Apr 11 03:55:55 EDT 2003

Hi there,

Folks, I have tried just about everything to get my IMAP setup (Redhat 
6.2) working using the RPM's supplied by Simon Matter (thanks very much) 
but for some strange reason I cannot get authentication to work. It is 
running and its mux file is in /var/run/saslauthd Not sure what else to try.

I keep getting the error:

Apr 11 09:26:59 spock imapd[25258]: cannot connect to saslauthd server: 
No such
file or directory. It is running and its mux file is in 
/var/run/saslauthd Not sure what else to try.

This is of course in my auth.log file in /var/adm

I am pressed for time and part of my frustration is that I don't know 
where to get documentation where the various auth methods are explained 
in full.  So, failing sasl autentication I'd like to have a look at PAM. 
How can I recompile the sasl src RPM to use PAM auth instead ?

Can anyone point me to a source of information where I can delve through 
rather than bore this forum with my incessant queries ? :-) Please don't 
ask me to look at the archives. It is near impossible to find anything 
there over such a slow link as the one I'm on here in the sad third 

Best regards and as always, I appreciate the assistance very much.,


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