Fix dates on mail received when system date was wrong

Lee Sanders cyrus-337 at
Thu Apr 10 23:10:38 EDT 2003


I did a really dumb thing on Tuesday and set the date on a mail system
running Cyrus IMAP to the 4th of August instead of the 8th of April.
This meant all mail recieved since then has been announced as "August"
to the Outlook clients.

What I would like to know is if it is possible to re-create this index
the IMAP clients are given based on the spool files and which file(s)
specifically are responsible.

I can/have write a script to go clean up the date's in the cyrus mail
spool files but the IMAP index the clients have still lists the wrong
date. I assume this is because the cyrus.cache and cyrus.index (binary
files) have some sort of date cache but I don't know enough to mess with
these files.

I really hope someone here can help me and I am not breaking any list
rules, I only joined a few minutes ago. Something I should have done
long ago.

Thanks in Advance
Lee Sanders
Systems Engineer

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