Virtual Host and Cyrus 2.2.0

Jim Norton jrn at
Thu Apr 10 00:35:21 EDT 2003

Hello all:

Thanks to those who suggested that I needed to install
cyrus imapd version 2.2.0ALPHA to be able to do virtual
hosting - ie be able to have the following go into different
mailboxes ( and be different accounts )

bob at
bob at
bob at

Now that I have cyrus-imapd 2.2.0 compiled and installed,  I'd
like to know how to actually enable the virtual host stuff.
I noticed there is virtdomains config setting in the imapd.conf file.

How when I enable this people on virtual domains can no longer receive
email  (  I have them set up through postfix and the virtual table ).

So I thought well maybe I just need to create mail boxes now with the 
fully qualified email address such as bob at

I tried to do this by telneting right into port 143 and do the commands
and the server wouldn't let me create a name with an @ sign in it or
something because it denied me permission...  and of course I did log
in using a known 'admin' user account.

Any ideas?


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