need organizational hint

Amos Gouaux at
Fri Apr 11 17:24:03 EDT 2003

>>>>> On Fri, 11 Apr 2003 07:40:55 -0500,
>>>>> Phil Howard <phil-info-cyrus at> (ph) writes:

ph> Maybe he was referring just to Postfix, since I had mentioned it being the one
ph> I would use.  Conceivably, the MTA could open the LMTP session while the SMTP
ph> session is still active.

Postfix uses different processes for various pickups and
deliveries, so what you describe would have to be done by a
different MTA.  If the smptd accepts the message, it is stored in
the queue, then later the lmtp client picks it up and hands it off
to Cyrus.

ph> So in theory if the LMTP servers decided to not accept the mail
ph> based on the filtering rules for that specific user, then it can
ph> given a 5XX response which would be passed back on SMTP.

My guess is that you won't be able to do this with Sieve.  I think
even with Sendmail (it's been a while for me) it's going to queue
the message before initiating the LMTP connection you describe.


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