Cyrus IMAP Aggregator / IMAP Clients

Scott Nickerson Scott.Nickerson at
Thu Apr 17 12:32:58 EDT 2003

We have been running Cyrus IMAP for almost a full year now and very
happy with it's performance.  The migration from our old email system
was surprisingly smooth and user acceptance of the changes was very
apparent.  We have two ongoing issues:

1. IMAP-capable email clients vary widely in their capabilities and
features.  We do accept that users can choose their client but we would
like to offer a general ranking for stability and functionality.  Has
anyone successfully put together a fairly recent list of the common
clients and their features/shortcomings?

2. We are running on an Intel platform, Redhat 7.2, Cyrus v2.1.11, dual
1.26Ghz CPUs, 3.75GB RAM with 260GB disk space on an IBM FastT500 SAN
solution on the backend.  Since the system is working so well we are
seeing a general increase in simultaneous connections.  The system is
managing very well with 1200-1300 active users out of 20,000.  We do
anticipate needing more capacity in the near future.  The cost of large
memory Intel boxes (>4GB) is prohibitive and we are looking at
Aggregator.  Any sites willing to share their experiences with this?

I would be glad to summarize any responses to these questions for the

Scott Nickerson
Dalhousie University
Halifax NS B3H 4H8

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