Bulletin boards in Cyrus 2.1.12 vs 1.6

John A. Conant jconant at aerodyne.com
Thu Apr 17 12:13:08 EDT 2003

     We've just finished a successful (mostly) upgrade from Cyrus 1.6.x to 
2.1.12, on Red Hat 7, using sendmail (and about time, too!).

     Under V1.6 we made use of non-user bulletin boards, posting to them 
via the "bb+xxx.yyy at aerodyne.com" format.  The sendmail macros could access 
"cyrusbb" for this.  Under v2.1.12 we can still access those non-user 
folders to some extent (e.g., Mulberry can move emails between folders) but 
we can not post to them, despite checking the ACLs.  We've noted that now 
under V2.1.12 the delivery occurs via "cyrusv2", but there is no longer any 
"cyrusbb".  Has the methodology changed?  Do we now need to be using 
"shared folders"?  We've found some docs on configuring these, but no 
overview on what is appropriate for our needs.


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