Bulletin boards in Cyrus 2.1.12 vs 1.6

Ken Murchison ken at oceana.com
Thu Apr 17 13:10:51 EDT 2003

"John A. Conant" wrote:
> Hi,
>      We've just finished a successful (mostly) upgrade from Cyrus 1.6.x to
> 2.1.12, on Red Hat 7, using sendmail (and about time, too!).
>      Under V1.6 we made use of non-user bulletin boards, posting to them
> via the "bb+xxx.yyy at aerodyne.com" format.  The sendmail macros could access
> "cyrusbb" for this.  Under v2.1.12 we can still access those non-user
> folders to some extent (e.g., Mulberry can move emails between folders) but
> we can not post to them, despite checking the ACLs.  We've noted that now
> under V2.1.12 the delivery occurs via "cyrusv2", but there is no longer any
> "cyrusbb".  Has the methodology changed?  Do we now need to be using
> "shared folders"?  We've found some docs on configuring these, but no
> overview on what is appropriate for our needs.

You do not need a cyrusbb mailer.  If you still want to use
"bb+xxx.yyy at aerodyne.com", then set 'postuser: bb' in imapd.conf. 
Otherwise, the default addressing is "+xxx.yyy at aerodyne.com" (empty

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