Emails being lost

Daniel Nilsson dnilsson at
Mon Apr 21 22:24:27 EDT 2003

> Q:  If I am losing emails, what should I do to try and troubleshoot the
> problem?
> I am running Cyrus 2.0.16 on FreeBSD, with sendmail as the MTA and
> drweb/amavis-ng as the virus scanner.  Outlook 2002 is the IMAP client.

Based on our experience from using Outlook 2002 as IMAP client, I would
suggest checking if the receiver has filtering enabled for IMAP messages.
I have had some users report problems with lost messages when applying
filters in Ourlook on IMAP messages, since then we have pretty much forced
people to use the sieve filtering instead and I haven't had any reports of
lost messages ever since.

Daniel Nilsson
Senior Consultant
Signal Integrity Software Inc.

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