Duplicate mail suppression and Domino servers?

Gene Rackow rackow at mcs.anl.gov
Tue Apr 22 10:15:08 EDT 2003

I just ran into a rather interesting problem and I'm wondering
if it is just a broken server out there, or a common problem with
Domino servers.

We have a user that runs a rather large mailing list.  He is also
a member of that mailing list.  He claimed that for some reason
all of a sudden he was no longer getting messages posted to that list.
He was still in the distribution, etc.

After doing some digging, it turns out that an address on the list
is no longer valid.  The remote site accepts the mail, then sends back
a bounce message.  The bounce message was getting back to the list-owner/
maintainer/member before the mail server delivered the original message
to this address.  The bounce uses the original Message-ID, and several
other header lines from the original message in the header of the bounce.

This was causing the duplicate elimination to drop the original, but
later delivered message in favor of the bounce message that was already
in his mail spool.

The remote mail server is an IBM-Dominoe server.  I have not seen
many bounces from that kind of a server in the past.   While I know the
server is not compliant with standards, or the bounce would have a 
different Message-ID line in the header, I wonder if others are
seeing this behavior as well.  ie is this something the remote site
set up incorrectly, or is this a design flaw in domino?

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