Emails being lost

Chris Scott chris at
Tue Apr 22 10:04:31 EDT 2003

James Shamas wrote:
> Good thought, Daniel, but I don't think that is the case;  The client in
> question does not have filtering enabled in Outlook.  I also performed a
> test where I did not use outlook to connect to the server, rather I used
> IMP's webmail client.  Same results... The emails were lost.
> I did find that:
> *  Replys from me to her tend to get lost.

You may want to verify what address you are replying to.  I've seen 
replies get lost or sent to a different account due to users not setting 
their identity up correctly (either in IMP or a mail client)

> *  Emails that I originate to her tend to be delivered succesfully
> *  Emails that I request delivery confirmation on tend to be delivered
> succesfully, even if they are a reply to an email from her.
> I do not know if these cases hold 100% of the time, but so far, they
> seem to.

Check your MTAs logs to see exactly what is happening.

Chris Scott

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