SMTP Auth issue

Nikola Milutinovic Nikola.Milutinovic at
Wed Apr 30 05:54:09 EDT 2003

Dave Carrera wrote:


> But we allow people to use Php and asp on our various web servers which both
> have an internet email function. Phps one is called mail() and the ASP on is
> ASPeMail.
> Both of this are able to send to the smtp server WITHOUT auth.
> I have looked at both products help resources but there seem to be no ref to
> forcing genuine auth before send.
> Should this be possible or do we need to do something to force our users to
> send smtp auth?

 From this it is unclear whether PHP/ASP mail functions are capable of SMTP 
AUTH.  If so, forcing SMTP AUTH is a job for ("This is a job for Superman!") 
MTA, most likely, Sendmail.

In sendmail you can decide to relay/accept mail only from authenticated clients.


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