SMTP Auth issue

Dave Carrera dave at
Wed Apr 30 05:14:30 EDT 2003

Hi All

I don’t know where this is to do with Cyrus but here we go anyway.

Our server demand authentication before outgoing mail is sent. This works
with various email clients we have tested on a few different OS's.

So we can say that SMTP auth works.

But we allow people to use Php and asp on our various web servers which both
have an internet email function. Phps one is called mail() and the ASP on is

Both of this are able to send to the smtp server WITHOUT auth.

I have looked at both products help resources but there seem to be no ref to
forcing genuine auth before send.

Should this be possible or do we need to do something to force our users to
send smtp auth?

Our concern is users writing scripts to send mass emails and spam without us
being able to trace and stop them.

I apologise is this is OT but I thought it belong here for discussions as it
might be to do with Cyrus and SMTP auth.

I look forward to any help, advise or info urls and I thank you in advance
of any help.

Dave C

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