Updating /seen from concurrent sessions

Harris Landgarten harrisl at lhjonline.com
Wed Dec 18 11:08:26 EST 2002

I am having similar problems with Outlook 2002 and Evolution. Thinks marked
seen in Outlook show up as unseen on my Linux workstation in Evolution.
Different machines running Outlook don't have the problem. I access my email
from 4 different machines on my network. I have only noticed this problem
since upgrading to the latest versions using skiplist for seen.db


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> I have no plans on changing how seen state is currently cached. We haven't
> had any complaints from our users and (now that we found the cyrusdb_flat
> problem) it doesn't seem like it is that huge an uissue for most other
> sites, either.

Interesting.  Can you tell me the semantics of the caching offhand, or point
me to where in the code I might look?  I wonder if this is something that
manifests itself more on smaller systems; in my case, I'm the only user.  If
I mark a message as seen using OE6, then refresh, the message becomes
unseen, every time.  Only switching folders (which probably closes the IMAP
connection) makes things stay seen.

It sounded from the earlier discussion like the caching wouldn't be affected
by multiple users, only by how quickly the client closes the connection, but
if nobody else is running into this, maybe it is affected by simultaneous
users as well?


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