cyrus 2.2 status

Rob Siemborski rjs3 at
Wed Dec 18 10:16:26 EST 2002

On Wed, 18 Dec 2002, Ken Murchison wrote:

> Its not a matter of CMU needing/using virtdomain support.  CMU is not
> using altnamespace or unixhiersep stuff in 2.1, and that was released.

Well, yes, but we did have an interest in moving to SASL2.  Though I still
agree that what we run internally often has little to do with official
releases (we're almost always running a CVS snapshot of some type instead
of a "real" version, though they sometimes coinside with only minor

> What gets developed has a lot to do with what CMU needs/wants, but
> releases are usually based on code quality/stability and time.  2.2 has
> a lot of other changes (NNTP support, new config option architecture,
> config options for stuff in lib/, restructured ANNOTATEMORE code, etc)
> which need more testing and documentation.

Yes, this is definately the main reason we're not doing a "real" 2.2
release yet.  Also, depending on how things sort out locally we may be
adding the sieve bytecode support, but that's the only "major" feature

> IIRC, Rob is targeting some time in mid/late January for a 2.2.0
> release.

Probably a bit later at this point, but I'd be surprised if it got as late
as march and we didn't even have an alpha out.

> > So the question becomes: what, if anything can non-CMU people do that
> > would help cause a release of 2.2 (or 2.1 with virtdomains in it??) to
> > happen sooner rather than later?
> 2.1 w/virtdomain definitely won't happen, at least not "officially"
> without some kind of incentive to do so.

Agreed, especially since the 2.2 branch was basically started to keep
the virtdomain code out of the "stable" code.  There really isn't any
incentive to do so.


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