cyrus-2.2-cvs: virtualdomains and sendmail virtusertable (cyrusv2 as local mailer)

Christian Schulte cs at
Thu Dec 19 07:46:01 EST 2002

> You can't do multiple targets in the virtusertable; to accomplish 
> that, you need to create a local alias that expands into the two 
> targets, and then have the virtusertable entry map to the alias.  For 
> example:
> >>Virtusertable:
> x at    alias_x
> y at    local_a
> z at    local_b
> >>Aliases:
> alias_x:    y at,z at 

And that is my problem! The entries alias_x, local_a, local_b are 
getting expanded to alias_x at local-host-name etc.. So after processing 
virtusertable there will never ever be a user which sendmail recognizes 
as being local because of the @local-host-name part and so after 
processing virtusertable, aliases will not be expanded any more! I 
patched proto.m4 to add the @domain part to every local user so that 
cyrusv2 mailer is able to deliver mail! What I now will have to do is to 
not add a domain to local users for which an alias entry exists. (These 
local-users are not really users but aliases!) I think that will not be 
that hard to do, but I had not have enough time to do it right now! By 
the way: Do you have a solution for catchall accounts like "@domain    
account at domain" ? That is something I really do not want to miss because 
all the tons of spam mails now go to the postmaster (me) for all domains 
and not to the catchall-accounts!

But maybe I misunderstood your solution:

You did not patch anything at all ? You simply deliver mail to 
local-users to an entry in the aliases.db and do not have entries for 
domains with accounts in virtusertable at all ?

So you have it like:


@domain    local_deliver_to_account_at_domain


local_deliver_to_account_at_domain:    account at domain

Would such a setup work at all ? Would account at domain not beeing 
redirected to sendmail itself again and would endup in an infinite loop ?


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