Bug fix for IMAP::Admin perl module

Edward Rudd eddie at omegaware.com
Thu Dec 19 01:03:36 EST 2002

Here's a quick hack to fix a bug with the IMAP::Admin perl module in
cyrus IMAPD version 2.1.11
on line 269:
	return unless $d{-text} =~ s/^\"*$mbx\"*\s+//;
the regex causes a perl error with folder names with +s in them. ie "C
And C++"

I *hacked it* thusly..
	my $tmp = $mbx;
	$tmp =~ s/\+/\\++/g;
	return unless $d{-text} =~ s/^\"*$tmp\"*\s+//;
There are probably more regex keywords that need to be escaped, but that
fixed the immediate problem for me...
Edward Rudd <eddie at omegaware.com>

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