[ECE PhiBar] Mandatory meeting of all on-site members this Wednesday

Steven E. Mikes smikes at andrew.cmu.edu
Thu Jan 15 10:05:41 EST 2009

you guys had better drink now, even I drank here in Taiwan a few days ago, while I had a sore throat and fever. my GF's uncle told me drinking will cure any ill. i think he may have lied based on how i felt the next day, but that's beside the point ;)


> Ladies and Gentlemen,
> I must call together an emergency meeting of all members this Wednesday at
> 9:30pm at Phi Bar. Last semester I performed a grievous mistake, I was
> enrolled in OS, which means that for every  beer I would have drank, 
> instead I wrote a line of code. My kernel was ~8,700 lines of code. This 
> means two things. First: we have a lot of catching up to do. Second: If I
> hadn't taken OS I would no doubt be dead from a combination of cirrhosis,
> massive liver damage, and alcohol poisoning.
> I think that if one follows the eternal rule of: friends don't let friends
> take OS, I can lay the fault of last semester at the feet of the entire
> ECE department, and therefore, we must all share in the responsibility of
> the recovery phase. Lines of code must NEVER again catch up to beer
> consumption.
> We begin tomorrow at 9:30pm. This will be the biggest ECE Phi Bar yet, and
> will reawaken the tradition, our livers will remember this for years to
> come.
> Drink for thought: What is the optimal conversion between beers and lines
> of code and why?
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