[ECE PhiBar] Part 2: the point system

Boris Lipchin blipchin at ece.cmu.edu
Wed Jan 21 19:06:16 EST 2009

Alright guys, I don't have to tell you how many beers we have yet to 
conquer. Not to mention, each of us has written some sinful lines of 
code. We have to start paying for our sins. Thus the following rules 
will apply today:

For every bug you have fixed in the last week: 1 beer
For every social event you have missed because of work: 3 beers
For every lecture you have missed: 2 beers
Every time you have fallen asleep in class: 1 beer
Every PhD you have dropped since the last Phi Bar: 100 beers or until 
you decide to come back to PhD
If you own an iPhone:  3 beers
If you're dating somebody that owns an iPhone: 7 beers
If you're dating anybody at all: -2 beers (congratulations bastards)
If you've been rejected by the opposite sex because of your major: 3 
beers paid for by other people

Please reply to the list with more rules. Games will commence today at 
9:30ish at Phi Bar. Please all attend.


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