[ECE PhiBar] Gordon Moore is my homie

Jeremy jweags at cmu.edu
Tue Feb 5 21:35:33 EST 2008

Doug Robl, clearly you have too much time on your hands, but I will join you for your scientific explorations at PHI Bar (in the name of science, of course).


> You all know that in 1965, Gordon Moore predicted that the number of 
> transistors in integrated circuits would increase at an exponential rate.
> But do you know how he came about this conclusion?  Yup, he came up with
> this theory at the local bar!  Moore noticed that the volume of alcohol
> consumed by one person increases at an exponential rate as a function of
> time.  However, as some may notice, there is a real limit to this trend –
> somewhere around 2:00 am.  The only way to process greater amounts of
> alcohol is through the use of parallelism; ie more processors.  Come keep
> Moore's law alive this Wednesday at 9:00!
> -Courtesy of Eric Buehl
> In hopes of coming up with a snazzy subject line, I typed "Gordon Moore
> is my homie" into google.  I found this at the first hit:
> "Yo homies, yo! In the chemistry class I took back in da hood, we was 
> skooled in all da compounds: water, carbon dioxide, malt liquor, da 
> chronic, and YES silicon dixode biyach. Lemme break it down for the pimps
> and hos in da hizous: maybe the reason Hafnium makes such a bitchin
> insulator is it don't need to be mixed up with no other chemicals! And,
> yo, this means you get the insulator effek with half the atoms! Homies -
> mabe this be why they be callin' it Hafnium! A shout out to all my homies
> back in da hood! Yo! Keep it real!"
> This makes me want to get drunk.  See you at Phi, Wednesday at 9.
> -Doug
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