[ECE PhiBar] Gordon Moore is my homie

Douglas Robl drobl at andrew.cmu.edu
Tue Feb 5 21:13:34 EST 2008

You all know that in 1965, Gordon Moore predicted that the number of
transistors in integrated circuits would increase at an exponential
rate.  But do you know how he came about this conclusion?  Yup, he came
up with this theory at the local bar!  Moore noticed that the volume of
alcohol consumed by one person increases at an exponential rate as a
function of time.  However, as some may notice, there is a real limit to
this trend – somewhere around 2:00 am.  The only way to process greater
amounts of alcohol is through the use of parallelism; ie more
processors.  Come keep Moore's law alive this Wednesday at 9:00!

-Courtesy of Eric Buehl

In hopes of coming up with a snazzy subject line, I typed "Gordon Moore is my homie" into google.  I found this at the first hit:

"Yo homies, yo! In the chemistry class I took back in da hood, we was
skooled in all da compounds: water, carbon dioxide, malt liquor, da
chronic, and YES silicon dixode biyach. Lemme break it down for the
pimps and hos in da hizous: maybe the reason Hafnium makes such a
bitchin insulator is it don't need to be mixed up with no other
chemicals! And, yo, this means you get the insulator effek with half
the atoms! Homies - mabe this be why they be callin' it Hafnium! A
shout out to all my homies back in da hood! Yo! Keep it real!"

This makes me want to get drunk.  See you at Phi, Wednesday at 9.


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