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Sat Jun 24 07:30:32 EDT 2006

Since my normal outgoing mail doesn't work now because I have to authenticate to the mailrelay at the ISP, I have to use yahoo.
  Andreas Winkelmann wrote:
  >Which OS is this? Which Compiler/Version?
  HP_UX 11.11

>Normally, if these Plugins are statically compiled in, remove >the *.la Files 
>for them.

  I did that and the messages disappeared. 
  But still I can't authenticate from Postfix. I run Outlook Express as client. When I change Outlook to go directly to the ISP it works.
  I sniffed the traffic with ethereal. When copying to traffic with ordinary telnet to port 25. It works from my HP_box.
  I have made Cyrus-SASL with the following command:
   ./configure -enable-static -disable-cram -disable-digest -disable-otp -disable-krb4 -disable-gssapi
  Then I built Postfix according to the SASL-documentation in the README_FILES directory
  Lars Ebeling

 "Never run after your own hat.  Others will be delighted to do it; why spoil their fun?"
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