conversations_expire_days and Xapian search

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Mon Feb 18 05:13:14 EST 2019


On Sun, Feb 17, 2019, at 4:36 PM, Дилян Палаузов wrote:
> Does this mean, that by default after 90 days messages are deleted from the conversations db and cannot be found anymore
> using the Xapian database? How to setup the days, so that all messages in Xapian can be mapped to convesations_db and
> therefore found?

The conversations expiry date does not affect search. Conversations.db is kind of a misnomer nowadays: initially, it just stored the mapping from thread identifiers to the messages in that thread. Nowadays, it also maps the globally unique id of a message to all its instances in mailboxes, which is called the G record in conversations.db.

E.g. if you two copies of the same message in mailboxes A and B, then the G records in conversations.db will be

Gc1ce7414bf85c0ae35f417288198b1f095c8077c:1:5 ...
Gc1ce7414bf85c0ae35f417288198b1f095c8077c:2:12 ...

where c1ce7414bf85c0ae35f417288198b1f095c8077c is the SHA1 of the raw MIME message, the following "1" and "2" values are an index into the db-internal folders list (mailboxes "A" and "B" in this case), and the last integer value is the UID of the message in the respective folder.

These records will never expire as long as the message exists, and Xapian will store the SHA1 has as identifier of the indexed document.


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