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Headers are only mapped if you set search_index_headers to yes. 
Although you can search by from, to, cc, subject without having it and
pretty fastly. Perhaps then, Cyrus even when setting it, does a normal
lookup, a non xapian lookup... although I'm not sure about it... I can
say you, that you can search by from, to, cc and subject even when
forcing to use Xapian (search_fuzzy_always) and having configured to not
index headers (search_index_headers). 

You should not confuse conversations with indexes of messages. I'll
clarify all this, because I have needed too to have clear this concepts.

- Conversations database : It has some information from the messages and
Cyrus uses it for keeping the messages sha signature of the message
content. (I think headers and body...). 

- Xapian database : database where content becomes indexed of all your
indexed mailboxes (wanted to mean too... folders inside the same user). 

Cyrus can return you with XCONVERSATIONS IMAP extension, mail threaded
in conversations. It can only return you the mails related to a
conversation from the past three months... that's not tunable in the
config file... so no parameter for modifying it. That does not mean, you
can only search mail from three months. This just means, you can only
receive conversations messages with XCONV that have been received in the
past three months. If a conversation lasts 1 year (which is extremely
extrange) you would only receive the present month, previous one and the
previous to the previous one (if exist them) in the XCONV output. I
should say too... XCONV I think is not almost supported in several IMAP
mua... I think it's more designed for JMAP. IMAP muas often group by
themselves mail in conversations. 

Apart from that, and without any relationship with conversations, you
can search mail from any time back... the three months are just in terms
of conversations with XCONV, which is what returns conversations from
your mailbox. 

I think this answers to your questions... please If I'm wrong with
something (which I don't think...) corrections are always very welcome


El 2019-02-17 16:35, Дилян Палаузов escribió:

> Hello,
> I have an understanding question about searches, conversations, and Xapian in 3.0.x:
> To my knowledge data (headers and body) is filled in a Xapian database.   
> The search with the Xapian database works
> however only, if these messages are mapped in conversations_db.  There is a conversations_expire_days property with
> default 90:
> How long the conversations database keeps the message tracking information needed for receiving new messages in
> existing conversations, in days.
> Does this mean, that by default after 90 days messages are deleted from the conversations db and cannot be found anymore
> using the Xapian database?  How to setup the days, so that all messages in Xapian can be mapped to convesations_db and
> therefore found?
> Regards
> Дилян
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