Cyrus meeting notes - Feb 18, 2019

Robert Stepanek rsto at
Mon Feb 18 16:35:08 EST 2019

Participants: Bron, Ellie, Rik, RobS 

- Bron and RobS worked together in Vienna last week. Met Davx5 and Outlook Synchronizer developers.
- All changes from last week including JMAP fixes deployed.
- Fix pushed to base64-encode all email parts generated from blobIds. Will use QP-encoding for text parts for readibility.
- There's an issue with conversations splitting, e.g. more than 100 messages in a thread.
- JSCalendar updates done both on RFC and implementation.
- JSContact RFC will get sent out this week.
- Xapian languages patch is ready for testing. Need to set up environment for realistic load testing.
- Ellie worked mainly on pull requests, landed a nice one yesterday.

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