REMINDER: meeting time changed!

Bron Gondwana brong at
Mon Nov 19 03:32:26 EST 2018

The meetings will now be held at 2100 GMT on Monday nights, aka: 
8am Melbourne, 4pm New York, 10pm Vienna 
Also advance notice for this next meeting, I have some weighty things I want to discuss: 
1) Intermediate folders. RFC3501 is very inconsistent, it says that servers SHOULD create parent folders (which Cyrus doesn't do) when creating a deep folder, but also says MUST NOT delete children when deleting a folder, instead the deleted folder becomes \Noselect. We want to get rid of the "INTERMEDIATE" type unless we can make is really consistent, including disappearing when the last child disappears. 
2) Instructions for building with websockets (ho hum) - this is really just Fastmail magic. 
3) This is the big one! Cyrusdb "readonly" mode. There's no way to long lock in SHARED, which means that every JMAP call takes an exclusive lock on the entire user, even if it's just reading. We accepted this when we switched to conversations way back when, but it's hurting more and more, and it removes the ability to parallelise. I was planning to hold this conversation off until we had zeroskip done, but hey - zeroskip is alpha merged now, and I want this very very much! 
 Bron Gondwana, CEO, FastMail Pty Ltd 
 brong at 
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