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Mon Nov 12 06:31:26 EST 2018

Present: ellie, Bron, Robert, Ken, Partha 
* was at IETF last week 
* JMAP is close to last call and will probably recharter for calendars/contacts early next year 
* EXTRA is also close to rechartering, last major work is IMAP4rev2. 
* have built a package with the rename intermediate patch, but not yet been able to test it. 
* JSCalendar - in last call for RFC now. 
 - New version last week. 
 - One update pending: updating RRULEs to better define non-Gregorian RSCALEs. 
 - also a feature branch for Cyrus with latest spec version for testing 
* pushed keyword updates to mboxset update 
* main current project is how best to proceed with conversationsdb. 
 - two current issues open due to not including expunged state of messages. 
 - can't search for multiple ANDed "inMailboxId" filter, or showing deleted messages in query results. 
 - have a fix which adds these flags to conversationsdb. 
 - prototyping a workaround to handle legacy records, but it's really a pain. 
 - as long as not rebuilt, might still return deleted messages in query results. 
 - go ahead and switch to binary format as it's more efficient. 
* Working on smaller JMAP bugs. 
 - there was an issue that we closed with accepting message IDs not according to spec. Now issue where they actually exist, so need to make it more lenient so we can handle real world messages. 
* haven't started working on Quota/get - that's next. 
* imap labels over fetch is pretty close, hopefully can just bang it out tomorrow! 
* it'll definitely benefit from robert's convdb additions, but the merge conflicts will be trivial to resolve 
* working on mailbox history and tombstones 
* will probably rebase path-by-id onto rename intermediate 
* spent time working on drafts 
 - need to do more on FCC draft this week 
* with mailbox-paths-by-id, need to keep mailbox name in the cyrus.header in case we lose mailboxes.db. 
* is it cheaper to use symlinks on disk? 
 - Bron isn't in favour, couple of issues - disk path lengths and consistency/cleanup. 
 - also - update mailboxes.db twice - once at start saying what will happen, then afterwards once the on disk files have been updated. 
 - that way, we always know which mailboxes might be in an unknown state and can be repaired. 
* one last release candidate for SASL - build issues and Coverity issues. 
 - planning to release this week. 
* no cyrus work last week or coming up in the next week. 
>From next week, switching to 8am Tuesday Melbourne time (4pm US East, 10pm Vienna) 
 Bron Gondwana, CEO, FastMail Pty Ltd 
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